Life time for phase control optics.

About 3 years under 0 to 40℃ / 5 to 60% humidity. You can buy phase control optics as consumables.

Any objects inVIEW does not work?

inVIEW does not work for Mirror nor something with reflection like mirror.

LED light dimming is possible?

Yes. 0 to 100% possible

Possible to use under other light sources?

Depends. inVIEW does not work under higher intensity than inVIEW. Impossible to use under direct sun light.

Phase control optics reduce image resolution?


Possible to use high speed camera?

Basically Yes. This saves inspection time. Need to check camera frequency.

Any limitation on camera / sensor spec?

Only visual wavelength possible ( UV / IR is not possible )

Possible working distance

100 to 200mm for standard optics. A bit of adjustment is possible by changing optics design.

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