SYNQROA Organic LED design products

We Synqroa is trying to develop and design various application.
Please look at our various design which has mild and soften flux for your eyes and no worries about heat.
It emits very similar spectrum like sun-light from flat panel.

Synqroa Beauty Olight

Desk stand type (OLED)
Look at the milky white beautiful light looks like Phalaenopsis orchid
and stages the stylish space by elegant form and quality light merging into the Interior.
It is “Elegant Light” never seen before.

• Look at curve line which is designed by Optical exhausted calculation.
• It makes concentration and efficiency for works and reading so on.
It is that the Light which comes out the most valuable effect of OLED snuggling up to the human.

Notice: all drivers are set up by medical use



This is the beginning of new era which to the 3-dimensional concept from 2-D plan.
People who has been thinking to use the OLED light for flat-use only,Normally people think so however we developed new design by 3-dimentional concept.

• Design that brings out the best of the thinness of the OLED light source.
• You can change at will the light distribution pattern by assembling a three-Dimensional.
• It does not give a load to the ceiling to reduce the weight by using aluminum.

panel : Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting
Color Temp : 3000K
Number of panel : 12 pieces



Lighting to evolve with sound
Bring an unprecedented level of space by combining the acoustic and OLED
Collaboration of sound and light is achieved by incorporating any light by DMX controller.

panel : Pioneer
Color : Full color OLED
Panel number : 8 pieces
Size : 140×140 mm



Graceful light that spilled in from the wings begin to create a luxurious objective
Wings of 84 pieces promote light distribution OLED give off.
Showcase elegant outer form by light distribution due to calculation is made firmly.

• The vanes can be moved one by one.
• It is possible to create the Light whatever your favorite scene.
• Depend on your order, large(800φ), medium(650φ), and small(450φ).

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