inVIEW Pad

For surface inspection to transparent resin and a flexible board.
Also, the wound of the lens are easily detected.

Independent light module inVIEW WING

Light module can be removable from glasses to make independent light module
Attachment for light stand (inVIEW accessory)

inVIEW Camera

For machine vision of parts inspection or package sorting
Possible to eliminate “glare” from objects stay on stage with random directions.

inVIEW Stereo microscope

For stereo microscope use.
It is useful for inspection of PCB pattern defects.

inVIEW Goggle

For surface inspection to find scratch, contamination on objects

Hands free inspection possible
Possible to ware on personal glasses
Possible to add 1.6x magnifier

inVIEW Glass

For light weight design adopted
inVIEW glass type adopts a frame due to a very light design.
You do not feel weight on a nose.
Medical / Dental use is possible.

inVIEW Scope

For scope type that is convenient to inspect the wounds such as blades.
It is easy to look and inspect for plane engine, a wound of the backside of the large equipment.

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